Sanitation champions recognised for their efforts and innovations

iDE | Paul Tyndale-Biscoe from MERP, on 30/05/2018 10:10 AEST

iDE’s WASH-SUP Project in Vietnam has showcased sanitation marketing as an alternative approach to promoting improved sanitation in poor, rural communities to the traditional, subsidy approaches that have been used in the past. The project has worked with change agents from the Centre for Preventative Medicine (CPM) and the Women’s Union (WU) at Provincial level and below to promote improved latrines in village meetings and door-to-door sales. At the same time it has developed and supported a network of masons to meet the increased demand.

The CPM and WU in Tuyen Quang Province have embraced the approach whole-heartedly, and are enthusiastic proponents, winning a number of awards for their efforts and innovations. In 2016 Ms Thao (right)—a member of the TQ Women’s Union—won the Woman of the Year award in TQ for the Red Brick Initiative, and in the same year Ms Jiang (left)— Head of Health and Environment in the TQ Provincial CPM office—won an award for the application of sanitation marketing at the household level. Mr Thang—Head of Yen Son District CPM—won the National Labour Union prize for innovation in 2018, and in 2017 won 3rd prize in a technical innovation competition run by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

During my 11 years with the CPM”, Mr Thang told us, “sanitation has been the issue that has kept me awake at nights. Now, with the support of sanitation marketing, I can finally sleep”.