New resources capture the impact of government leveraging markets to meet sanitation needs

iDE | Molly Goodwin-Kucinsky from iDE, on 18/07/2018 01:14 AEST

Under the CS WASH Fund, iDE’s WASH-SUP project worked with government partners from the Center for Preventive Medicine and the Women’s Union to engage the private sector in meeting WASH needs. By building government capacity in market-based approaches, the project facilitated the sale of over 33,000 hygienic latrines, improving the quality of life for over 130,000 people in rural Vietnam.

As the project draws to a close, the team has produced two new resources that highlight successes and lessons learned from this approach. The first is a new video that profiles a change agent working with the Center for Preventive Medicine in Tuyen Quang Province who was initially skeptical about a market-based approach to sanitation, but has become a leader in implementing sanitation marketing in her community. The second is a brochure, available in English and Vietnamese, that documents the process the project went through to get government partners to think differently about collaborating with the private sector, presents an overview of the capacity building model, and analyzes the cost-effectiveness of this approach. Additional details can also be found in a Tactic Report produced last year about building government capacity in market-based WASH.