Highlighting lessons and knowledge from the Civil Society WASH Fund

The Civil Society WASH Fund has published three reports which synthesise the collective lessons and knowledge from the Fund’s twenty-nine projects as shared at the Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) held in Brisbane, Australia late last year.

Hosted by the Fund, the FLARE brought together 128 water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practitioners from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governments and donors, from nineteen countries across Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. The learning event was a key activity of the Fund's Knowledge and Learning component, and the final of six held over four years.

The learning event focused on priority themes within the WASH sector that include:

  • Gender and social inclusion – which is a key priority that has been identified within the SDG targets
  • Hygiene and sanitation behaviour change – which remains a major challenge to ensure health outcomes are achieved
  • Strengthening WASH governance systems – to ensure that WASH service improvements are sustained

These topics have been explored in depth throughout the life of the Fund and the FLARE was an opportunity for CSOs to share experiences, consolidate knowledge and consider collective achievements across the Fund. The reports now available, which synthesise the lessons and experiences under these three topics, are:

Synthesis Report: Gender and Social Inclusion in the Civil Society WASH Fund
The report provides the lessons learnt and improvements made in gender equality and social inclusion by the 13 CSOs and their change agents. These lessons provide sufficient evidence on the merits of an increased focus on gender equality and social inclusion as we work towards achieving SDG 6 and the report highlights the strong practical knowledge base the Fund has built.

Synthesis Report: Hygiene Behaviour Change in the Civil Society WASH Fund
The report summarises the lessons learnt by implementing CSOs and partners in understanding the determinants of hygiene behaviour and the tools and approaches used to assess and change those behaviours. This Synthesis Report draws on the Hygiene Behaviour Change e-Discussion, webinar and workshop sessions associated with the FLARE.

Synthesis Report: Enabling Environments in the Civil Society WASH Fund
Over four years of implementation, the Fund has sought to better understand WASH enabling environments, explored ways of strengthening local government and the private sector, and developed a tool for CSOs to map their engagement within their enabling environment. This report summarises the learning to date within the Fund on strengthening the enabling environment, and highlights case studies where CSOs have successfully influenced WASH financing and policy.

You can learn more about the Fund Learning and Reflection Event and access the Learning Event program and presentations here.

Photo: Mon Boss utilises household tapstand in PNG. Photo credit: WaterAid/ Gail Pigolo