Synthesis Report: Hygiene Behaviour Change in the Civil Society WASH Fund

Hygiene Behaviour Change in the Civil Society WASH Fund: Fund Learning and Reflection Event Sythnesis Report.

This synthesis report summarises the lessons learnt by implementing CSOs and partners in understanding the determinants of hygiene behaviour and the tools and approaches used to assess and change those behaviours. This Synthesis Report draws on the Hygiene Behaviour Change e-Discussion, webinar and workshop sessions associated with the Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE).

Hygiene and sanitation behaviour change was a key theme at FLARE. Experiences within the CS WASH Fund have reinforced the difficulties of hygiene behaviour change and, across the Fund, CSOs have pursued various hygiene knowledge frameworks on a range of different hygiene behaviours (e.g. disposal of infant faeces, handwashing with soap at critical times, installation and use of sanitary latrines) and identified motivators be they rational (e.g. FOAM and SaniFOAM), emotional (e.g. Evo-Eco), environmental (e.g. nudges) or product (e.g. Human Centred Design) centric. This report seeks to summarise the learning to date within the CS WASH Fund as presented by CSOs at the FLARE on approaches to changing WASH behaviours.

The FLARE was an internal learning event for CSOs in the CS WASH Fund. The event was held in Brisbane, Australia from 1-4 August 2017 with 128 representatives from the 29 projects implemented by 13 civil society organisations in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific and was an opportunity to consolidate and build on the work of CSOs, share recent project experiences and capture lessons for future initiatives.


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Dear partners
We are very happy for the work done regarding to wASH. We need to share with you that BIFERD organization is also doing a huge work in communities in the Eastern of the DRC within hand washing campaigns , Cholera prevention activities dispite of lack of funding . Please note that we need to do more in the Democratic Republic of Congo and need your supports . Please can you have a look at our field video on :
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Thanks for sharing this interesting report