Synthesis Report: Bridging public and private spheres for improved sanitation

Bridging public and private spheres for improved sanitation: East Asia Regional Learning Event Synthesis Report. 

This report is a synthesis of the East Asia Regional Learning Event (EARLE) held in Hanoi, Vietnam by the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (CS WASH Fund) from 12-15 July 2016. Its intended audience is the civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Fund, as well as government partners and WASH sector stakeholders. In South-East Asia the CS WASH Fund supports five CSOs – Plan International, East Meets West (EMW)/Thrive Networks, WaterAid, International Development Enterprises (iDE) and Save the Children – to undertake nine projects expected to benefit just over 1.42 million people. 

The report captures CSO project approaches including how they work with government, how they apply market-based principles, how they bring together multiple dimensions of WASH including gender and social inclusion, and a variety of new innovations.

The key topic for the event was bridging public and private spheres for improved sanitation. There was agreement at EARLE of the need for a ‘middle path’ to addressing sanitation, in which demand creation and sanitation marketing approaches continue to adopt a no-subsidy approach, but with recognition that carefully designed subsidies may be needed to reach the poor and disadvantaged. 

Recommended citation: Civil Society WASH Fund (2016) Bridging private and public spheres for improved sanitation: Synthesis Report of the East Asia Regional Learning Event. Hanoi, Vietnam. 12-15 July 2016 


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