SNV Learning Brief - Sanitation and hygiene for all: a comparative study of approaches to leaving no one behind across five countries

The focus of sector discussion is moving beyond a polarised subsidy or non-subsidy debate towards broader consideration of how to reach potentially disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and groups in smarter and more sustainable ways. It is increasingly recognised that a nuanced approach is needed to leave no one behind in the efforts to realise the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation (HRTWS) and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tailored approaches are being implemented, yet further evidence is needed to understand how, when and where to use these approaches. This is prompting SNV to reflect on the range of possible strategies – including actions by government, private sector and communities – and their timing.

In 2017-2018, the Institute for Sustainable Futures - University of Technology Sydney (ISF-UTS) conducted research on SNV’s experience of striving to reach all through the Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All (SSH4A) programme in rural areas across five of the 11 countries in which SSH4A is being implemented: Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Zambia and Tanzania. Based on a review of programme documentation, a regional learning event and Dgroup, interviews with programme staff and insights from disaggregated monitoring data, ISF-UTS investigated the breadth of SNV approaches to understand ‘potential disadvantage’ as well as strategies used to ensure inclusive uptake and use of sanitation services. This research brief provides an overview of the key findings of the research, contributing to discussions about effective support strategies for achieving inclusive rural sanitation and hygiene. 

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