MHM Realities, Progress and Opportunities

"Misconceptions, limited access to appropriate WASH in Schools facilities, limited availability pads and inadequate MHM teaching through the education systems (MHM inadequately incorporated into the broader school curriculum and teachers not confident to teach it) continue to pose significant challenges for girls. A study in Cambodia, for example, in 2015 involving 77 girls 44% of the girls noted that that miss days from schools during menses.

These and other details on the current status, promising initiatives and opportunities you will find in two recent resources on Menstrual Hygiene Management under a joint Education and WASH programme initiative".

This report, MHM Realities, Progress and Opportunities provides a regional assessment report that provides a comprehensive overview of key challenges and ongoing initiatives. 

The second report, Good Practices Guidance Note is based on the regional analysis and provides a set of proposed actions for policy makers and practitioners.  

Along with contributing to the overall body of knowledge, the aim of these resources is to provide a comprehensive overview of lessons learned through research and practitioner experiences, with the intention for it to be used by Government, UNICEF and other partners in strengthening commitment and actions on MHM across the region. 

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