M&E Note 4: Analysis of Progress

The Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Fund’s theory of change anticipates that 29 Civil Society Organisation (CSO) ‘Delivery Teams’ will influence the knowledge, motivation and skills of more than 20,500 WASH sector ‘Change Agents’ (typically institutional or community actors), who will in turn deliver or support improved WASH services for up to 3.66 million beneficiaries in poor communities on a sustainable basis.

The work of the Delivery Teams is defined by scheduled ‘Deliverables’— the products or services that the Delivery Team can be held accountable for producing. Together, the Deliverables are expected to influence lasting changes in performance or behaviour of the Change Agents.

This note reports progress made towards end-of-Fund targets for Deliverables, the nature of these Deliverables, and issues encountered.

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