Gender and Social Inclusion in the CS WASH Fund

Gender and Social Inclusion: Learning Brief from research into effectiveness of WASH approaches and innovations in the Civil Society WASH Fund

Toward the end of 2017 the CS WASH Fund commissioned a team from Aguaconsult UK to conduct in-depth research of CSO interventions in four crosscutting areas: i. WASH policy influencing; ii. Gender and social inclusion (GESI); iii. WASH market facilitation; and iv. Innovation integration and uptake. The researchers worked with Fund administrators to prioritise the CSO interventions by focusing on those which have displayed promising approaches in these themes. Working together, they prioritised 23 CSO interventions, with 43 different unique interventions across the four themes. This Learning Brief presents the key findings from research on Gender and Social Inclusion.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) processes focus on ensuring equal opportunities and that everyone can achieve their full potential in life. The GESI theme looked at 12 individual CSO interventions implementing 13 projects, across 11 countries, with Nepal and Zimbabwe appearing twice.

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