Effective WASH Approaches and Innovations in the Civil Society WASH Fund: Research Report

The research report presents the findings of a thorough analysis of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) approaches across the Civil Society WASH Fund portfolio of projects across four key themes. The research was undertaken by a team researchers at Aguaconsult and represents an independent assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and contributions of the Fund across the following areas:

1) Influencing WASH policy
2) Gender and social inclusion
3) WASH markets facilitation
4) Innovations in WASH 

The research focussed on CSO interventions which have displayed promising approaches in these themes. Working together, the research team and Fund managers prioritised 23 CSO interventions, with 43 different unique interventions across the four themes. The research consisted of a mixed methods approach, collecting new primary data and analysing existing secondary data.  

Prepared as the Fund is in the final of its five year implementation (2013-2018) the research collates and highlights signifcant contributions by CSOs. The report presents recommendations for donors and CSOs to assist with future programming and effectiveness. 

Research findings were also presented as a webinar, view the video recording here. 


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