eDiscussion: Reflecting on Fund experiences

Over the course of the Civil Society WASH Fund, CSOs have been implementing four year programs across diverse contexts and geographies. As projects come towards the end or final year of implementation the Fund hosted an online learning platform to capture and share project achievements and lessons, and CSO approaches across three key themes.

These discussions will contribute to the face-to-face Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) to be held in August 2017. The identified key themes were explored over three weeks of e-discussion along with a webinar on hygiene behaviour change. With a focus on drawing out project lessons accumulated during the four years of Fund implementation, the priority themes for exploration and reflection were:

Week 1 (19 – 25 June 2017): Strengthening the enabling environment
Week 2 (26 June – 2 July 2017): Gender and social inclusion
Week 3 (3 – 9 July 2017): Hygiene behaviour change

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