Yes!! Women - We Can Do It

Welthungerhilfe | Erica_Keogh from Welthungerhilfe Zimbabwe, on 26/02/2017 22:48 AEST

Mubaira Growth Point is a small rural service centre about 65km east of Chegutu town. Mubaira is the busiest small urban centre in Chegutu district and is estimated to have a population of 2,562. The growth point is serviced by reticulated water piped directly to the properties.

WASH Wizards are locally identified residents who have been trained by the Welthungerhilfe SELF Project so as to be able to provide plumbing and other basic WASH services, such as reduction in water losses and remedying sewer blockages, to their communities, at a reasonable price. In Chegutu a total of 8 Wizards were trained over a 4 day period, by plumbers from Kadoma City.

 Hazvinei Nyaningwe is a 44 year old widow who takes care of 3 children and is a trained WASH Wizard. ”When I walk around my community and see water leaks, I offer advice and educate homeowners, explaining that they are paying for this wasted water, and offer them my services. At first, they refused because I am a woman and they thought I would damage their property, since plumbing is considered a ‘man’s job’. On average I repair at least 3 taps per week, earning around $15. I also had water leaks at my own house which I have fixed.

I used to rely only on vending but now my income has improved and I have managed to clear my daughter’s school fees debt at Nyaningwe primary school. My life has greatly improved due to this new job – I am now an empowered woman.”  All this is thanks to the SELF project!!