Training Youth Labourers in Improved Latrine Installation in Bangladesh

Habitat for Humanity | Sophie Cooke from Habitat for Humanity, on 16/11/2016 09:54 AEST

Under the Enhancing the Enabling Environment for Better WASH Services in North Bangladesh project implemented by Habitat for Humanity, 300 labourers and 96 young unskilled labourers were trained in how to construct improved latrines and tube wells.  The training is aimed at creating a greater cadre of skilled workers in the community who can construct water and sanitation facilities to a higher standard, ensuring they are safe, accessible and sustainable.

In a follow up interview with one young apprentice trained in Durgapur District, it was found that the training delivered together with demand creation activities in the community was having a positive impact.  He expressed that the demand has increased in the community since the start of the project. Before he received training, he used to construct 7 or 8 latrines in a month, and most of them were direct pit latrines with no water seal. He says that now he has a better understanding of the risks of an unhygienic latrine and how to construct improved latrines.  So now, even if a customer wants a direct pit latrine, he encourages them to build an improved latrine by discussing the benefits with them.  Currently, he constructs 10-15 latrines in a month and all are improved sanitary latrines. His monthly sales have risen to 50 thousand BDT per month from 15- 20 thousand before (from $250 to $830).

He follows the instructions given in the training during the construction of a latrine. In his opinion, open defecation has reduced in the community. He also stated that his business relationships and communication has improved since becoming a part of this project.