Toilets for teachers and students in Lesotho

Australian Red Cross (ARC) | Bronwyn Powell from CSWASH KALM, on 17/11/2016 12:48 AEST

Mongobong primary school is located within Ralithebe area of Matsoku valley in Mokhotlong, Lesotho. Mrs. ‘Matumisang ‘Molomane is a principal at this Lesotho Evangelical Church (LEC) owned school and she narrates how life has been without latrines:  

‘After completing my high school I went to National Teachers Training College (NTTC) and after completing my studies I came to teach at this school from 1989 till now. Ever since the establishment of this school in 1934, there were no latrines for teachers and school children.’

‘As a female together with my other female teachers colleagues it was a hassle to continue teaching… as we have problems as to where to go and change sanitary pads. As a result we decided to construct a latrine for teachers in 2014 because it was also a great embarrassment for us as teachers to practice open defecation especially because the school is within villages and there is nowhere to hide. Now that LRCS* has started with construction of latrines this will be a great relief for both teachers and school children especially the females. We are really grateful for the assistance and promise to take a good care of infrastructures because it really means a lot to us.’

‘On behalf of my school and its management board, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to LRCS and all those who supported it to construct latrines for us.’

Mongobong primary school latrines for girls are completed but those for teachers and males are still to be constructed. The challenge has been collection of stones to be used and delivery of construction materials due to poor roads leading to the school.