Toilet access for Manjula - mother, carer and differently abled

World Vision | Bronwyn Powell from CSWASH KALM, on 17/11/2016 12:28 AEST

Manjula is a mother and carer of her two young boys. She suffered a serious foot injury during a military mortar strike during the war in Jaffna Province in the north of Sri Lanka. There were no toilet facilities at her home so she and her children had to use the jungle, more than a kilometre walk from their home.

‘Going to the jungle was very hard, especially when I had to take small children with me. If we needed to go to the toilet urgently it was very difficult. If a robber or a rapist confronts me I cannot run because I am differently-abled.’

Through World Vision Lanka’s work as part of the CS WASH Fund in Jaffna in the north of Sri Lanka, her family has received a disability-access toilet in their home.

‘Now, there is no shame. There is no fear.’

‘I have the self-confidence to that I can go without fear whenever I need to. Especially now since it’s in my house.’

Caring is an under-recognised, unpaid job. Caring, however, is vital work in a society and is predominantly carried out by women.

The approach of World Vision Lanka to provide toilets to the most vulnerable such as this female-headed and disability-headed households has significant benefits for families. Project Manager, Jeyald Rasaratnam, sees this positive impact and is wants to make more accessible toilets available to families by exploring affordable options and financing models to share the financing load between donors, World Vision, government and households.

Watch World Vision Lanka’s video about their WASH work with people with disabilities as part of their CS WASH Fund project.