Thrive Cambodia and GRET support partners to run competitive licensing processes to own and operate water schemes

Thrive Networks | Georgia Davis from Thrive Networks, on 06/02/2017 20:53 AEST

Mr Heng Vanthoeun never imagined that he could contribute to the implementation of the competitive licensing process to select a Water Supply Provider.

Mr Heng Vanthoeun is the Chief Officer of Water Supply within the Department of Industry and Handicraft of Kratie Province. He explained that previously there was only one procedure to deliver licenses to own and operate a water scheme.  In the past, an investor would send a request to the Ministry, and the department was only involved in authorising a feasibility report for the new scheme. These reports were generally difficult to understand and of poor quality.

Now, by working with GRET through the WASHOBA project, Mr Heng has learned the main steps competitive licensing processes, the important data to be collected, and how to evaluate bids. He believes that learning through this program has enabled him to understand the competitive licencing process and he will now able to pilot the next rounds with less support than before. The department will still need support to produce high quality feasibility study reports.