Sanitation marketing success in Northern Bangladesh

Habitat for Humanity | Sophie Cooke from Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh, on 28/06/2018 19:24 AEST

In Chondigor village, Northern Bangladesh, Habitat for Humanity’s four year CS WASH project is drawing to a close.  One success story from the project is that of Nayan Mia, a local sanitation supplier, who through the project has gone from the uncertainty of life as a casual farm labourer to running his own successful sanitation business. 

Nayan received training which was focused on increasing the skills of sanitation suppliers, and supporting them to develop higher quality latrine products.  The project in turn worked to generate demand for improved sanitary latrines through awareness raising and providing access to finance through the creation of a revolving sanitation loan fund.  Almost four years after receiving that first training, Nayan’s business is successful and employs two other workers.  Prospects for Nayan’s business seem good, and they recently received an order for 200 latrines from the local government.

Nayan says he is proud about what he has achieved: “This business not only gives me profit but also helps people, and I am happy to help the people."