Sanitation leadership earns chief a promotion

United Purpose | Liv Sawyer from United Purpose, on 09/06/2017 14:23 AEST

Joseph Mangombo, the 69-year-old Village Headman of Zinganyama village, TA Jenala in Phalombe District, is a man committed to improving the health of his chiefdom. As a chief, Joseph Mangombo would promote sanitation and hygiene during each community meeting, which successfully mobilised people in the village to adopt good sanitation practices.

“I used to go door-to-door to make sure that every household has a latrine, drop hole cover, and hand washing facility, and I never tired of doing this. Whenever I conducted community meetings, I always discussed sanitation issues. Even during funeral gatherings, I would speak about issues of sanitation”, narrated Joseph Mangombo.  

As a result of his leadership, Zinganyama village was one of the first villages that attained ODF and continues to be one of the most hygienic villages in Phalombe.

Upon seeing the sustained progress the village has made since becoming ODF, the Phalombe District Commissioner and Traditional Authority Jenala promoted Joseph Mangombo from Village Headman to Group Village Headman in order to inspire other chiefs in the district to learn from his leadership and commitment on sanitation issues. As the GVH, Joseph Mangombo now has nine chiefs reporting to him and working under his guidance.