Improved performance and growth of sanitation business

Australian Red Cross (ARC) | Renae Davies from Australian Red Cross (ARC) Bangladesh, on 14/02/2017 14:19 AEST

49 year old Nurul started his sanitation business in the Baladanga Dariarkul community of Gopalganj District, Bangladesh back in 1999. Being the head of a large family of 10, Nurul initially found it difficult to survive and took a part-time job at the local mausoleum a few years later and then started running a grocery shop alongside his eldest son to supplement his income.

In 2015 he enlisted as a Commercial Service Provider for the Community Development Initiative (CDI) 2 WASH Program, implemented by the Bangladesh Red Crescent, and received extensive training and development in market analysis and business planning as well as in sanitation design, installation techniques, quality construction and water table measurement.

With his new found knowledge and focus on service delivery, Nurul was able to turn his struggling business around and double his annual profit last year.  He expanded his business to include new services and now provides communities with information on latrine maintenance and hygiene management and water table measuring and also provides transport support for customers. 

Improved product quality and production technology has allowed the safe transportation of latrine materials which has in turn increased Nurul’s customer base significantly.  He provides demonstrations in the community and notes that ‘A lot of customers from other villages come to buy the same quality product that they saw in the project community where I installed and demonstrated them.’

Through accessing a small scale loan, Nurul is planning to start another latrine production centre which will cover more villages, including those that are not easily accessible due to poor road conditions.

Information for postcard collected by IFRC Bangladesh.