Household moving from practising open defication to having access to hygienic latrine thanks to WASHOBA project

Thrive Networks | Ngoc Tran from Thrive Networks, on 03/05/2017 11:11 AEST
Mrs Phaiboun  at Thamuang village, Khong District, Champasak Province.

Mrs Phaiboun is a 53 year-old-widow who lives with 6 children at Thamoung village, Khong District, Champasak Province. 

Before WASHOBA, Mrs. Phaiboun and her family members used to practice open defecation in the garden behind her house and that was not comfortable for herself and children.

Under WASHOBA, she decided to spend her savings of US$200 to construct a pour flush latrine with the bath room inside. With that, it has now been very convenient for herself and her children. And they do not have open defecation any more.