Extra gains through sanitation business

Plan International | Tom Rankin from Plan International, on 01/12/2016 07:21 AEST
Magret Likwetu, sanitation entrepreneur at work

Inspired by the poor sanitation practices in her village, 52 year-old Magret Likwetu began volunteering in her community in Mulanje District, Malawi, to support her friends and family to end open defecation.  With additional support from Plan Malawi’s ‘sanitation entrepreneurs’ training, Likwetu transitioned from a volunteer into a successful entrepreneur and local sanitation consultant.

Married with eight (8) children, Likwete’s original ambition to see the improvement of sanitation in her village has been realized and her hard work is paying of personally, as for the first time, she is able to pay fees for her fifth born child who is at secondary school.

"I have managed to construct 72 latrines at costs ranging from 10,000 - 50,000 MK [AUD18-93] and sold over 50 slabs at 5,000MK [9AUD] each. I reinvest the money in my business and also pay for my child's school fees."

Liwethu was also among the first people to be introduced to the concept of village savings and loans clubs for sanitation. With the skills and knowledge gained during Plan Malawi’s training, Likwete has managed to establish 7 Sanitation Village Saving Loan groups (with 77 members) among her community of Nkando with the aim of achieving open defecation free status and continuing to improve their latrines.

“I did not go further with my education and Plan picked me through my volunteering process and trained me for free. Now I am able to train others and earn a living through the construction of latrines and slabs, I would like to thank them and encourage other people to engage in sanitation activities for a healthy Nation”.

Postcard for Plan Malawi prepared by Chiyembekezo Ken Ndala