Developing Zimbabwe's first Shit Flow Diagram

Welthungerhilfe | Erica Kough from Welthungerhilfe Zimbabwe, on 13/03/2017 20:44 AEST

The Welthungerhilfe Impact & Innovation Grant is focussed on assessing viable business models for appropriate pit latrine desludging. As part of this Grant they are working with consultant Eric Baetings and Nelson Machokoto, sewage treatment plant supervisor, to develop Zimbabwe's first Shit Flow Diagram (SFD). Here the team is pictured on top of the trickling filter at Norton Sewage Treatment Plant.

Erik is with IRC and has done 6 such studies in Asia and Africa and is working with and training local researchers from the Institute of Water & Sanitation Development (IWSD) so that further SFDs can be developed in Zimbabwe.

Norton Town Council staff are enthusiastically supporting the exercise. It is hoped the SFD can help Norton staff and other policy makers in Zimbabwe understand the importance of pit emptying and safe disposal in urban areas. 

Learn more about Shit Flow Diagrams here.