Commune Chief strongly supports water project

Thrive Networks | Ngoc Tran from Thrive Networks, on 03/05/2017 12:17 AEST

Mr. Chhoung Srim is the commune chief of the Vihear Thum commune, Kampong Cham province. He is 75 years old and he has been serving as the commune chief for 36 years. He has shown strong support to the water project in his commune. He appreciates that with the help of the project with Thrive/East Meets West through the CS WASH Fund all of the villages in his commune can gain clean water. access. He thinks that it is very hard to find certain private investor for this so it is a very good chance to push them to invest in this sector in the commune.

According to Mr. Chhoung Srim, this project benefits people in his commune in many ways. Firstly, it is good that people can have clean water for daily use. Secondly, there is the lack of water in dry season, it could help them a lot if they have water to use in all seasons. Thirdly, some areas in the commune are impacted by arsenic, this is the only way to prevent them from using arsenic contaminated water. Last but not least, it can reduce health costs and support the country’s development.

Mr Srim has supported the private operator and constructor by sourcing land for construction and announcing the water project within the commune so that people are ready to use the water from the new system. He has cooperated with the police to supervise the construction site. Mr Srim has also worked closely with the authorities to support the project. He participated in the procurement to select the water supply operator and prepared documents related to the water project. He also joined the workshop events that are required by the authority. Mr Sim disseminated information to the communal council and the village chiefs to inform people to raise community awareness. The project is lucky to have such a commune chief like Mr Srim. He has contributed greatly to the project.