Cambodian Households See Results from Government Budget Support for Sanitation

Thrive Networks | Georgia Davis from Thrive Networks, on 06/02/2017 20:29 AEST
Mrs. Chea Sokhom standing in front of the hygienic latrine that her family built under the pilot of the phased-in budget support from the government of Cambodia

Chea Sokhom is the head of an ID poor 2 household with 3 family members (herself and two daughters). The family lives in Hab village, Kou Khchak commune, Kampong Trabek district, Prey Veng province.  

Thrive Networks is piloting phased-in budget support from the government of Cambodia.  Chea Sokhom built a pour flush latrine under this pilot.  The cost was USD 60 sourced from her family savings. After verification, she received a rebate from the Commune Council fund (USD 5) and from EMW (USD 13).

Now, her family members have easy access to the latrine – there is no need to go to the rice field for defecation. Chea Sokhom informed the Thrive team that she is trying to save money to build a brick superstructure including a bathroom in February 2017.