Graveyard Latrines, Plan International Malawi

Graveyard latrines, Malawi |

Sambani and Nalifu villages, Malawi, are among the 32 villages that have recently been declared Open Defecation Free by the District Coordinating Team on 7th Jan 2016.  In reaching this goal, both of these villages, under Plan International’s CS WASH Fund project, built latrines in graveyards.

Graveyards in Malawi are highly respected in most communities and visited only for a funeral, tombstone unveiling or for ceremonies and those otherwise found in graveyards are usually associated with witchcraft.  During community triggering it was noted that cemeteries are one of the areas where open defecation was highly practiced by passers-by and graveyard workers.  Despite some local taboos local leaders and health committees organised the construction of latrines in the graveyard and are responsible for keeping them clean.  In Sambani village the latrine also services the local health clinic and is known as being one of the cleanest latrines in the village.

Case study provided by Siti Kasapila, Plan International Malawi