Mid-way review - see how are we doing!

The CS WASH Fund Monitoring & Review Panel (MERP) has prepared a series of M&E notes to support the Fund’s mid-term review. The full set is now available on our website and can also be accessed by clicking on the links below. See our achievements, impacts and how we can improve our performance in the future!

  • About the CS WASH Fund (M&E Note 1)
  • An analysis of key Fund actors (M&E Note 2)
  • An assimilation of WASH approaches and strategies across the Fund (M&E Note 3)
  • An aggregation of performance metrics including: notable achievements; progress/completion of deliverables; realisation of expected changes; and early evidence of impacts (M&E Note 4 and M&E Note 5)
  • An analysis of how the Fund has changed since the inception phase and implications for achieving Fund objectives (M&E Note 6)
  • A summary of monitoring visits (M&E Note 7)
  • Analysis of key themes of interest to stakeholders including sanitation and hygiene behaviour change (M&E Note 8), and gender and social inclusion (M&E Note 9).