The Fund focuses on strengthening the enabling environment

Government meeting

A core component of the Civil Society WASH Fund is the focus on strengthening the delivery of WASH services by ‘change agents’ (for example government or the private sector) rather than providing support to  CSOs for direct delivery of WASH to communities.  The Fund’s ‘Theory of Change’ is that by providing support and resources to stakeholders who are in a position to provide WASH services to communities well beyond the life of the project or Fund, communities are more likely to be able to access WASH services into the future.

Some early examples of this include:

Plan Indonesia’s project, which has led to governments in four out of five project districts to allocate and apply for an annual district budget for sanitation and hygiene, where previously there was no or very little budget.   This is in line with their project plan in which government scales up implementation, learning from Plan Indonesia, as Plan progressively scales down and plays more of a support role.

Plan Pakistan’s project, where the Provincial Government in Punjab allocated US$4 million during the financial year 2014-2015 annual budget for replication of the same approach in all districts of Punjab, with indication of increased funds next year.

There will be many other examples over the life of the Fund.  These are just the start.