Evaluation of the management arrangements for the CS WASH Fund

At the request of DFAT's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Section (DFAT WSH), the Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) completed an evaluation of the management arrangements for the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (CS WASH Fund). 

ODE examined whether the Fund management arrangements support the Fund as intended, and whether their costs are appropriate. A secondary focus was an analysis of the Fund’s selection of CSO projects and implementation of the Fund’s inception phase. 

The findings will inform management of the current Fund and the design of the follow-on Water for Women initiative.  

The evaluation found that the Fund's management arrangements are largely appropriate and functioning well, that the CSO selection process could be improved and that the inception phase was beneficial.

Chair of the Independent Evaluation Committee Jim Adams comments in the Foreword of the report, ‘[The review] highlights the strong performance of the Fund’s management arrangements in areas where many other development programs underperform. The Fund’s approach to knowledge and learning, particularly its face to face learning events, has ensured lessons and knowledge have been identified and shared between civil society organisations. Gender equality and disability inclusiveness have been embedded into the program’s monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning systems, pushing civil society organisations to do more in these areas. And many aspects of the Fund’s monitoring and evaluation arrangements, such as the use of long-term specialists and the coaching provided to civil society organisations, are highly effective.’

More information on the ODE evaluation, the full report and a summary brief, can be accessed here.

[Image credit: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade]