Scaling-up Successful, Sustainable and Innovative WASH Service Delivery Approaches in Malawi

United Purpose in Malawi

Project Description

Between 2014 and 2018, United Purpose implemented an integrated WASH project in Phalombe district. The project directly enhanced the health and quality of life of 212,000 poor and vulnerable people by influencing and strengthening the capacity of government and other stakeholders to plan, manage and implement effective WASH services, resulting in reduced reported cases of diarrhoea by 77% over the four years of project interventions. Gender, social inclusion and climate change adaptation were embedded in the core WASH activities. There has been improved coordination and collaboration between the various WASH stakeholders and lessons learnt were used to influence practice at local level and policy at national level. 

Through the project, 402 safe water points were constructed, serving a population of 99,118 people. Each of the 402 water points now have trained committees responsible for maintaining the borehole and mobilising maintenance funds from the users.  163 villages have attained ODF status. 183, 232 people were directly reached with hygiene messages.  60 schools have each reached a pupil latrine ratio of 1:60 or less after construction of improved latrines. There has been a 100% reduction in cholera cases, in a historically cholera-prone district.

Project Location

The project was implemented in rural areas in Phalombe district in Malawi, located in the south-east of Malawi on the border with Mozambique. The government has been unable to effectively provide safe water and sanitation services to the communities in the district due to inadequate financial resources and staff capacity and remoteness. Phalombe district is historically prone to flooding and other natural hazards and in 2015 the district experienced severe flooding which negatively affected sanitation coverage. 

Project Posters

Download the United Purpose project poster presented at the Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) in August 2017 here.

Click here for Concern Universal's project poster presented at the 2014 Global Learning and Reflection Event as well as its updated poster, presented at the 2015 Southern Africa Regional Learning Event.


Project specifics

Location Duration (MM/YY) Working with Key approach Website
Location Southern Africa: Malawi Duration 01-05-2014 to 01-06-2018 Working with National and district Government, entrepreneurs, water committees, school sanitation clubs Key approach Strengthening change agents for improved and sustainable WASH services. Website