Mulanje Total Sanitation Project

Plan International in Malawi

Project Description

The goal of the activity is to promote health and wellbeing of communities in the whole of Mulanje district by improving sanitation use and hygiene behaviour by 2017. It will work towards the ambitious GoM targets of nationwide ODF achievement by 2017 and 100% appropriate hygiene practices by 2022—goals which Mulanje district will also need to meet. Program success will see a strong district government leading the change to universal coverage of toilets and hand washing facilities in rural communities, towns, market centres and schools. People in households, schools and market centres will steadily increase their practice of hand washing with soap. Plan Malawi is currently implementing a pilot WASH program in two of Mulanje’s seven sub-districts and this activity will build upon the experience, relationships and lessons from those pilots to scale up across the entire district. Plan’s staff for the program will consist of a Project Manager, two Project Coordinators and ten WASH Facilitators. These staff will partner with the government District Coordinating Team comprising 10-15 members, to support the leadership of the District Environmental Health Officer.

Project Location

The project will be carried out across the entire district of Mulanje in southern Malawi. Mulanje has a population of 525,000 of whom 97% live in 546 rural villages. There are three small towns and 26 small market centres. Across Mulanje, fewer than 4% of households have improved sanitation, open defecation is wide spread, hand washing rates are low, and only 11% of school WASH facilities meet the government standard. Administratively, the 546 villages are divided into 81 Group Village Head areas and seven sub-districts (or Traditional Authorities—TAs). Schools are administered with 13 zones and health via 21 health centre zones.

Project Posters

Download Plan International's project poster presented at the Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) in August 2017 here.

Click here for Plan International's project poster presented at the 2014 Global Learning and Reflection Event as well as its updated poster, presented at the 2015 Southern Africa Regional Learning Event.

Project specifics

Location Duration (MM/YY) Working with Key approach Website
Location Southern Africa: Malawi Duration 01-08-2013 to 01-10-2017 Working with District level and local government, private sector partners, CSO partners, schools and communities. Key approach Community led total sanitation, school led total sanitation, menstrual hygiene management, sanitation marketing. Website