Decentralised, innovative urban WASH in Mozambique

WaterAid in Mozambique

Project Description

This project is focused on strengthening the enabling environment, increasing access to equitable and sustainable WASH and improving hygiene behaviour in the small townships of Cuamba and Quelimane in Mozambique. Activities will be at the township level, in underserved bairros, schools and health centres. 

A key objective of the project is to influence and strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to plan, manage and implement effective complete WASH programs on an equitable and sustainable basis. WaterAid will work with Municipalities to develop 10 year WASH plans and will research, test and document innovative, effective, sustainable and replicable models for Community Based Total Sanitation (CBTS), sludge and waste management, hygiene promotion, menstrual hygiene management and sanitation technologies. WaterAid will also work with water service providers to increase access to water in the target communities, schools and health centres. 

Project Location

This project is focused on urban WASH in two small towns in Mozambique: Cuamba, in Niassa province and Quelimane in Zambesia province. In both towns, activities are targeting the township level and peri-urban ‘bairros’ (communities) where there is the greatest need, and in underserved schools and health centres within. The target bairros are Mutxora, Maganga, Rimbane, Aeroporto, Tetereane, Mucuapa, Matia and Njato in Cuamba and 7 de Abril, Manhaua, Icídua, Inhangome, Micajune in Quelimane.

Water coverage in Cuamba and Quelimane is estimated at 18% and 58% respectively and sanitation coverage at 12% and 40%. Sanitation coverage is significantly lower in the bairros the project will focus its service delivery on, with no toilets at all in some communities.

Town plans don’t exist for either municipalities, hindering the development of holistic WASH strategies and services, the prioritisation of WASH planning and budgeting, and good sector coordination between the key stakeholders.

Project Posters

Click here for WaterAid's project poster presented at the 2014 Global Learning and Reflection Event as well as its updated poster, presented at the 2015 Southern Africa Regional Learning Event.

Project specifics

Location Duration (MM/YY) Working with Key approach Website
Location Southern Africa: Mozambique Duration 01-08-2013 to 01-10-2017 Working with Key approach Website