SELF - Sustainable SERVICES for EVERYONE beyond the LIFETIME of the project at a FAIR price

Welthungerhilfe in Zimbabwe

Project Description

The SELF project (sustainable Services for Everyone beyond the Lifetime of the project at a Fair price) aimed to enable 10 Local Authorities to provide sustainable safe water supply and sanitation services and promote good hygiene practices among the citizens in their areas of jurisdiction. The Local Authorities lead all key decision making and implementation processes in the project. A delivery team had WHH as the lead partner working with four local NGOs and two service providers engaging a comprehensive capacity building approach to transfer knowledge, skills, attitudes and resources to the local authority through embedded staff, training, mentoring and a competitive bidding process.

The project was successful in improving service delivery, increasing revenue collection and improving relations and communication between local authorities and their citizens.

Project Location

SELF operated with 10 Local Authorities in all seven districts of Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe. The 2012 census reported that 70% of the provincial population have access to safe water but only 13% had piped water in their homes. 72% have access to toilets but only 25% had access to flush toilets. The project constructed 17 public toilets, built or rehabilitated eight piped water schemes and rehabilitated six sewage systems in small urban centres across the province.

Project Posters

Download the Welthungerhilfe's project poster presented at the Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) in August 2017 here.

Click here for Welthungerhilfe's project poster presented at the 2014 Global Learning and Reflection Event as well as its updated poster, presented at the 2015 Southern Africa Regional Learning Event.

Project specifics

Location Duration (MM/YY) Working with Key approach Website
Location Southern Africa: Zimbabwe Duration 01-08-2014 to 01-10-2017 Working with Local authorities- Rural District councils and City/Municipality/ Town Board Key approach Capacity building of local authorities with competitive tendering Website