Fund Learning and Reflection Event

The Fund Learning and Reflection Event (FLARE) is an internal learning event for CSOs in the CS WASH Fund. The event will be held in Brisbane, Australia from 1-4 August 2017 with approximately 120 representatives from the 29 projects implemented by 13 civil society organisations in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific: Australian Red Cross (ARC), Habitat for Humanity (HfH), International Development Enterprises (iDE), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Live and Learn Environmental Education (L&L), Plan International, Save the Children Australia (SCA), Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), Thrive Networks, United Purpose (formerly Concern), WaterAid, Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and World Vision (WV).

Overall theme

The FLARE will be structured around priority WASH themes including, but not limited to:

  1. Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  2. Hygiene and sanitation behaviour change
  3. Strengthening the enabling environment

These have been agreed as priority themes amongst CSOs and, with the addition of WASH markets, have provided the guiding framework for the Knowledge and Learning Advisory Group, CSO collaboration and for focusing Regional Learning Events (RLEs). As such, many of the topics above have been explored in some depth at Fund learning events already. For example, the Southern Africa RLE focused on strengthening the enabling environment with a particular focus on loca l government. The East Asia RLE focused on the intersection of public and private spheres for delivering sanitation, falling within the theme of WASH markets. The South Asia RLE explored SDG6 and safely managed sanitation in-depth. GESI and hygiene and sanitation behaviour change have been cross-cutting themes addressed at the Pacific RLE and all RLEs.


The FLARE is an opportunity to consolidate and build on this work, share recent project experiences and capture lessons for future initiatives. Innovation and Impact Grant Fund and Australian Development Research Awards findings also map to these themes and will be shared at the event.

Learning objectives of the FLARE include to:

  1. Facilitate knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning within the Fund;
  2. Capture and share project achievements and lessons and CSO approaches, and thus contribute to the evidence base that will be useful looking forward to future activities;
  3. Strengthen relationships and knowledge of CSOs and change agents to consolidate the sustainability of project outcomes; and
  4. Provide a forum facilitating knowledge exchange and learning with the wider WASH sector, including CSOs that cannot attend the event, and strengthen communities of practice within the Fund

Program ‚Äč

The four day program will include:

  • A phased learning approach including an e-discussion, webinar, face-to-face event and written outputs
  • Sharing of project lessons to include both things that have gone well and things that could be improved
  • Sharing of the results of project context and strategy mapping activities completed at RLEs and review of emerging lessons for CSOs working to strengthen the enabling environment
  • Sharing of the findings from the Fund-supported Innovation and Impact Grant Fund projects and, where possible, research findings from WASH Australian Development Research Awards

Event format

The face-to-face learning event will be preceded by an e-discussion and webinar. After the event the lessons learnt will be synthesised and shared as a series of learning papers. These activities together are referred to as the phased learning approach.

Organisation Duration Location Type Link Topic
Organisation Duration 01/08 - 04/08 Location Brisbane, QLD Type Link Topic


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I am very much interested to attend the meeting so please send me more information.
Bronwyn Powell's picture
Hello Padam. Thank you for your interest in the Fund Learning and Reflection Event. This is an internal event for the CS WASH Fund - if you are working with one of the 29 projects then please liaise to arrange attendance. The event is not open to the broader public as it is an opportunity for those within the Fund to reflect on their experiences.
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There is no doubt that FLARE as empowered NPCODA to carry out the concept of disability inclusion in WASH facilities strongly. Especially disability inclusion learning from Bhutan & Cambodia are really helpful for us. NPCODA has decided to apply the following learning on priority base,
1. Addressing challenges from the lack of social capital in peri - urban communities.
These challenges are same in SriLanka. But mitigations and strategies taken by Solomon Islands are really good learning to adopt into our services.
2. Disability Inclusive WASH: Research and Innovation.
As NPCODA is an Umbrella of DPOs this topic and learning from the session are very important for us. I am now reviewing entire session to capture more and more points.
3. Menstrual Hygiene Management.
This is absolutely new sector in which NPCODA has not paid its attention at all so far. We have decided to work hard in this issue. a dialogue has been planned with World Vision Lanka.
4. Impact of flood and response to sustainable sanitation.
Interesting session. We have learned the importance of the contingency plan or disaster management plan in WASH sector. NPCODA will encourage WASH agencies including WVL to follow this learning.
5. Hygiene Behaviour Change.
This is also another useful topic. Especially we could practice this learning in SriLanka where hygiene behaviours are very poor in rural areas.
Bronwyn Powell's picture
Hello Mr Subramaniam. Thank you for your comments - it is great to know the specific areas in menstrual hygiene management, disaster management and peri-urban WASH that you particularly gained information valuable for NPCODA. Thank you for your contributions to the program - it was wonderful to hear your perspective for disabled persons organisations partnering with other CSOs for WASH in Sri Lanka.
Mukesh_Singh's picture
It was a wonderful event and well organized. The 4 intense days were very energising and interactive, where I was so pleased to hear from many CSOs on different issues. Bronwyn and Mark you did a fantastic facilitation and never allowed us to feel tired or bored. There are number of learning that I would wish to apply and practice including further networking with some of the CSOs and getting additional info and/or technical distance support to move forward. We need to sit together as a team and explore how we can move ahead. Few things that I really liked and want to further explore are; 1) Change agent assessment tools, 2)MHM researches by SNV Bhutan, 3) RapidWash - assessment tools (WaterAid) 4) Researches on actual hand washing practices and use of Nudges by Thrive 5) Public Private partnership -Thrive Laos etc.

I believe there are many more learning and each one is very useful which we need to further discuss together and explore what can be done to practice some of these within the last year of project and even in other similar projects. Thank you once again to entire FM team and all those who were behind the success of this great event and look forward to see you and network with many in due course.