CSOs working with local government for market-based sanitation

Photo credit: Herie Ferdian, Plan Indonesia

Webinar: CSOs engaging local government for market-based sanitation 

This webinar led by Topic Expert Associate Professor Juliet Willetts focuses on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and market-based sanitation approaches. It addresses the question, How can CSOs also work with local government or other local actors to facilitate market-based approaches?

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Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) globally have started working in various ways to support the supply of sanitation products, services and supply-chains. Whilst direct support to enterprise development is the most typical CSO role, many CSOs are also engaging with government agencies. They have done this to address both government support to enterprises (including strategies to reach the poor) and regulation of enterprises. These are important public sector roles for ensuring the expansion of access to sanitation is equitable and sustainable.

Important public sector roles include: offering training and business development support to sanitation enterprises; linking demand and supply by promoting local enterprises when undertaking demand creation activities; supporting associations of entrepreneurs, women’s union or women’s groups; providing targeted subsidies or financing to facilitate access to the poor and disadvantaged; and setting and monitoring quality standards and accreditation of products and services.

This webinar explores how CSOs are playing roles to support and strengthen effective engagement between public and private sector actors, and what more could be done. It builds on the conversation started with our recent e-discusssion.

The webinar includes:

1. Introduction by CS WASH Fund – Bronwyn Powell, KALM

2. CSOs working with the private sector for sanitation at the local level – Associate Professor Juliet Willetts, Intitute of Sustainable Futures

3. Cooperatives linking sanitation marketing and financial institutions – Herie Ferdian, Plan Indonesia

4. Scaling up sanitation marketing in Vietnam through Government - Nguyen Van Quang, iDE Vietnam 

5. Question and Answer session. 

Photo credit:  Herie Ferdian, Plan Indonesia


Organisation Date & time Duration Target audience Link Topic Region
Organisation CS WASH FMF and ISF, UTS Date & time Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 15:00 (AEST) Duration 1.5 hrs Target audience WASH Practitioners Link Topic Sanitation Management Region East Asia


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How can CSOs also work with local government or other local actors to facilitate market-based approaches? Is a good issues in developing countries . Now the the time is not allow subsidies to sanitation .Promotion ,Prices (reasonable ) ,Produces (motivate suppliers/producers ) and set linkage with community .In sanitation sector government allocation is reducing gradually . So giving the priorities on sanitation marketing is needed .