Writing Course for WASH Professionals

This provides a list of courses and scholarships suitable for WASH practitioners from across the WASH sector.

Promoted by Rural Water and Sanitation Network (RWSN)

The weblink includes training materials so you can run the course yourself for free.  Alternatively trainers are available from Skat and WaterAid to design and run a course tailored to your needs.  


Institution Target Audience Link Topic Region Type
Institution Skat, WaterAid, SHARE, Waterlines Journal funded by SHARE Target Audience WASH practitioners Link Topic Knowledge and Learning Region Type Courses


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I would like to receive all information about this course
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I am interested to receive all new research and technologies used in WASH including behaviors.

Siraj Ahmed
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Dear sir / madam

Am realy keen on learning wash to be able to work with local organisation in my country of kenya to leave a mark and impact socially to millions in my country and region

your support for free online course on the matter will be appreciated


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Please send me all the information needed to assist me carry out my activities.