Design, delivery, and assessment of  WASH  in schools programs - E-course

This provides a list of courses and scholarships suitable for WASH practitioners from across the WASH sector.

Design, delivery, and assessment of WASH  in schools  programs

Course Objectives:
1. Identify critical planning activities,  such as assessing current school WASH conditions and existing capacity;
2. Collaborate with key stakeholders at  local, district, and national level;
3. Select  appropriate behavior change approaches and child‐friendly facilities; and
4. Establish school data management and information systems to engender accountability and sustainability

Successful completion of the  course confers a certificate  of completion.  The course is taught live over the internet in order to foster interaction and learning.  The purpose of this course is to support applied learning on developing, executing, and evaluating sustainable and inclusive WASH in Schools interventions in collaboration with local, sub‐national and national stakeholders and will cover the key lessons learned fr om peer‐reviewed and grey literature. Participants fr om Emory, UNICEF, NGO, and government offices throughout the world, will share challenges, successes, and lessons learned froma variety of experiences. Participants will come to this course with a wide variety of experience and background in the sector. Some may have experience with WASH programming in general, WASH in schools programs in particular, or may be new to the field. As such, the course has been designed to cover the basics of WASH in schools programming, as well as provide enrichment for those with significant experience. We will likely find that similar challenges are echoes across field staff from different country contexts.

Course organiser:
Matthew Freeman, MPH PhD, Assistant Professor, Emory  University

Module Facilitators from: Emory  University, UNICEF, Sustainable Impact, CARE Water Team

Ten  Course  Sessions
Course Times:  Once every two weeks, 13:00‐14:30GMT
Expression of interest  deadline: November 15, 2015 
Cost: USD600 per person paid to Emory University
The course syllabus:

Institution Target Audience Link Topic Region Type
Institution Emory University with facilitators from UNICEF, Sustainable Impact, CARE Water Team Target Audience WASH Practitioners Link Topic Region East Asia, Pacific, South and West Asia, Southern Africa, Other (All other countries not listed within DFAT regions) Type Courses