SuSanA Thematic Discussion: WASH & Nutrition

Amy Savage on 4/04/2016 14:11 EST

ACF and GIZ invite you to take part in the 7th  SuSanA Thematic Discussion, taking place from Wednesday, 30th March until 13th April 2016 on the SuSanA Discussion Forum.

Linking water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and nutrition has globally gained momentum. National policies and development partners’ strategies in numerous countries already acknowledge the importance of adequate WASH conditions for achieving good nutritional status and call for WASH interventions to be scaled up along with nutrition actions. Beyond that, organisations campaign internationally for better sector collaboration. Building on ideas of the Bonn WASH Nutrition Forum in November 2015, this thematic discussion aims at continuing the dialog between the WASH sector and nutritionists. Over the course of two weeks, professionals from Action Contre La Faim (ACF), CARE, the German Toilet Organisation (GTO) and WaterAid will provide expertise for several of the complex facets at the sectoral interface.

Visit the Discussion on the SuSanA Forum:  (Starting on 30th March)


  • ACF                       Claire Gaillardou, WASH-DRM Advisor for West and Central Africa
  • ACF                       Rachel Lozano, Nutrition Survey and Prevention Advisor
  • CARE                    Theresa Jeremias, Coordinator for Nutrition / Food Security
  • GTO                      Johannes Rück, Public Relations
  • WaterAid            Dan Jones, Advocacy Coordinator
  • WaterAid            Megan Wilson-Jones, Policy Analyst Health & Hygiene

Topics and Timeframe

Part I (30 March – 6 April):

Making the link in theory and practice – Where do we stand?

  • The conceptual framework of under-nutrition (ACF)
  • The need for integration now (GTO)

Part II (1 April – 8 April):

Learning from experiences – How does integration take place?

  • WASH & Nutrition in the development context (CARE)
  • WASH & Nutrition in the emergency context (ACF)

Part III (6 April – 13 April):

Progressing the agenda – What do we want to achieve?

  • Advocating for integration (WaterAid)
  • The complexity of policy making (WaterAid)

Weekly summaries of discussions will be posted on the SuSanA forum as well as a synthesis report of overarching findings at the end. To write a post – asking questions, commenting and for sharing your own experiences – please quickly register for SuSanA (, if you are not already a member. The SuSanA secretariat will be glad to assist you in case you have any questions ().

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