Civil Society Innovation Award

Civil Society Innovation Award at WASH Futures 2016 Conference

The purpose of this award is to highlight and showcase the innovative work of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/ Non-government Organisations (NGOs) in improving WASH service delivery and sustainability.

The CS WASH Fund is pleased to announce the shortlisted organisations for the Civil Society Innovation Award. The award accepted video submissions aimed at highlighting and promoting the innovative work of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/ Non-government Organisations (NGOs) in improving WASH service delivery and sustainability (see full details below).

Varied and interesting submissions were received from all around the globe. Areas of innovation were also wide-ranging, from water filtration technologies to hygiene behaviour change programs and total sanitation approaches. The selection panel was impressed by the effort and time invested by many organisations in applying for the award and showcasing their work.

The winners, in order were: 

  1. Save the Children - Nudging handwashing among primary school students in Bangladesh
  2. Water for People, Uganda - Low cost sanitation technologies for faecal sludge management
  3. Wetlands Work! - The HandyPod – Sanitation solutions for floating communities in Cambodia

Four entries were highly commended by the selection panel and their videos can viewed by clicking the links below:

  • iDE Cambodia - Easy Shelter 2.0
  • Plan International Indonesia - Tackling the Sanitation Crisis at scale, NTT province, Indonesia
  • ‘SHEEP’ Indonesia Foundation - Portable Ceramic Water Filter
  • WASH Catalysts Malawi, Engineers Without Borders Canada - Tingathe (“We Can”) Fellowship Program

The videos of the top three finalists were played and the winner and runner-up announced at the WASH Futures 2016 Conference dinner in May 2016.


First place

$10,000 towards further dissemination of the innovation and/or capacity building and knowledge building activities for the CSO (eg. conference attendance, training courses). The CSO must propose how to spend prize money in their application form. Payment for activities will be managed directly by the CS WASH Fund Management Facility (managed by Palladium International Pty Ltd on behalf of the Australian Government).

Second place

$2,500. Same conditions apply as per first prize.


Innovation by CSOs will be defined as new approaches, methods, techniques or technologies adopted and applied to WASH challenges. Innovations should have the potential for broad-scale or catalytic impact on how WASH services are designed or delivered, or their impact measured. Innovation will be considered across the spectrum of sanitation, hygiene or water in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Grassroots or field solutions to particular challenges
  • Increasing inclusivity and equitable WASH access
  • Strengthening supply chains and/or the private sector
  • Improving environmental outcomes of WASH interventions
  • Engagement with and/or strengthening the WASH enabling environment


Australian Aid (DFAT), via the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Fund 

Submission Format

CSOs should submit a short video and a completed nomination form.  The video must include the following:

  • Title of innovation and the organisation name and country location in the first shot
  • Summary of innovation
  • Description of WASH challenge innovation addresses
  • Scope and focus of innovation
  • Evidence of impact or expected impact
  • Simple English language
  • Maximum 3 minutes in length
  • Credits to the producer in the final shot

If applying in video format is not practical for your CSO/NGO, please contact us for suggestions of acceptable alternative submission formats. 

Submission requirements

  • Submit the video in mpg, wmv, avi, m4v, 3gp, mov or flv format
  • Upload the video to YouTube and email the link to:
  • The nomination form must be completed and include the title of the innovation, organisation name, contact person, email address and country. Nomination forms must be submitted to
  • Nominate how first or second prize money would be spent on innovation dissemination and/or capacity building activities
  • Videos can be taken on smart phones or cameras and do not need to be highly polished. If CSOs have any technical issues uploading or producing videos please .


  • The Award is open to not-for-profit CSOs/NGOs only (any size, national or international)
  • Submissions will be evaluated on:
    • The creativity of the innovation described
    • Evidence of impact or potential impact of the innovation to improve WASH access or be a catalyst for change. (Note: evidence does not need to be rigorous, peer-reviewed research but show evidence of impact from beneficiaries or others working in the sector
    • Alignment of the innovation with WASH sector priorities
    • Accessibility of video and clarity of messages presented
    • Suitability of proposed use of award funds to further share the innovation and/or improve capacity.

Selection and finalisation process

  • A panel of 4  WASH specialists will review and score videos based on the criteria listed above.
  • The three top-rated videos will be selected and organisations notified.
  • The CS WASH Fund Management Facility will work with and support these short-listed organisations as necessary to further produce videos to an appropriate standard for presentation at the Conference dinner.
  • The short-listed videos will be shown at the Conference dinner and the winner and runner-up will be announced on the night.

Submission deadline was 22 December 2015